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From accidents to racism, equipment or anxiety, you can talk to us about any issues or challenges. It’s confidential and free to anyone working behind the scenes in film, TV or cinema. Don’t hold back.

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Whether it’s big or small, tell us the worry or issue standing in your way.

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The challenges of life and work can be overwhelming, especially for freelancers.

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When life throws something unexpected, we’re the people who understand.



14 Sep 2022

Film and TV Charity Launches Financial Tools to Support Industry Through the Cost-Of-Living Crisis 

In partnership with MoneyHelper, the Charity launches tools to support financial planning and management

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4 Jul 2022

Film and TV Charity launches incentives offer for those taking part in the 2022 Looking Glass Survey

Complete the Looking Glass Survey 22' to be entered into prize draw

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9 Jun 2022

Sign up: Keynote Session with BAFTA-winner Kayleigh Llewellyn on improving confidence

Sign up to the free Q&A with Kayleigh Llewellyn, who will reveal how she has dealt with and developed both her professional and personal confidence.

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The support I received meant I could keep going at a time when I thought I would be forced to give up my dream. I really hope other HoDs speak to the charity and see that their work is for everyone.
Heather Basten, Casting Director See all stories

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