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Thank you for taking part in the Looking Glass Survey.

Completing the survey goes a long way to helping the Charity deliver against its ambition to improve mental health and wellbeing for everyone working behind the scenes in film, TV, and cinema. The results help us to track how people are feeling, to understand where additional support might be needed, and to see what is making a positive difference to people.

The first Looking Glass Survey in 2019  uncovered a mental health emergency in the industry, with 9 in 10 saying they had experienced a mental health problem. Our follow-up survey in 2021  did show signs of a tide turning but underlined there is much more to be done, with only one in 10 agreeing that the industry was a mentally healthy place to work.

Information gathered in these surveys has already helped us to provide:


By completing the 2022 Looking Glass Survey you are helping us to understand what else we can do to give everyone in film, TV, and cinema the support they need.

Our support services are always free, completely confidential, and totally independent. Our online resources and directories, and our events, also offer individuals opportunities to be part of a community while protecting their own mental health and wellbeing. Get involved, and please, spread the word with your industry friends and colleagues.

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A donation today means you can help further to support funding our vital services for people working behind the scenes in Film, TV, and Cinema.  All donations made by individuals and organisations across the industry will help to ensure that the charity can continue to deliver support that has already benefited thousands of people working across the industry.

Good mental health is vital for the wellbeing of a happy, healthy workforce and a donation today will help fund our services which are a lifeline for so many.

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