Worried about someone else

We can all feel awkward about asking someone if they’re alright in case we get it ‘wrong’ but it’s always better to say something, to show someone you care. Although it can be a competitive industry, it can also have a strong sense of community. Let’s look out for one another

If you’re worried about someone else and think they may need support with their mental health, but don’t know how to support them to seek help, here are some resources to help you with a variety of different situations

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Supporting others

Here the Samaritans provide supportive and practical advice if you're worried about someone else's mental health and aren't sure what to do

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Many people experiencing a mental health problem speak to friends and family before a health professional. Find advice here from Mind on how to support someone else to seek help

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A helpful guide from Time To Change to get us all talking more about mental health, including easy tips you can use right now to open up conversations with mates

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Supporting someone experiencing racism

Practical tips from ReachOut on how to be an ally to people from different cultural backgrounds including how to stand up to racism and what to do if someone you know is experiencing it

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Advice and best practice from BITC on how an individual can address racism and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace, including five practical actions

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Suicide prevention

Here you can find our ten easy and practical suggestions to help you feel more confident talking about suicide, spotting signs of distress and starting conversations about mental wellbeing

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The Zero Suicide Alliance is a collaboration of National Health Service trusts, charities, businesses and individuals all committed to suicide prevention. Access their free online suicide prevention training here

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