Whole Picture Programme Training+ White Paper

In May 2021 the Film and TV Charity commissioned an independent researcher to explore what training and ongoing development provisions are available for the UK film and TV industry to support good mental health and wellbeing.

The research looked at training which raises awareness around mental health and wellbeing, and also how well we as an industry are addressing industry-specific factors that contribute to poor mental health.

The research brief was developed by the Whole Picture Programme’s expert Training+ Industry Working Group, which includes: BBC, Bectu, BIFA, Channel 4, Film and TV Charity, ITV, Mama Youth, Production Guild of Great Britain, ScreenSkills and Sky.

Based on the report, published here today, that group has agreed a White Paper that draws out the key findings and conclusions from the independent research report. It summarises what the report tells us about the existing provision, areas for improvement, potential gaps, and areas where innovation and development could improve the picture.

It goes on to outline several opportunities and recommendations to industry leaders on how to develop industry capability and further support workers when it comes to mental health and wellbeing training.

Following the recommendations of the report, we are now working in partnership with ScreenSkills to develop an industry-wide framework for employers to deliver mental health training programmes for their workers. The ‘Mental Health Training: guidance for employers’ framework is being co-produced by an industry working group. It will be launched on the ScreenSkills website in the new year.

Training+ White Paper

Training+ White Paper

Key findings, recommendations and next steps from the Training+ Working Group about mental health training for the industry

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