Challenging the Status Quo – Production, Mental Health & Neurodiversity

Watch or Listen to this insightful virtual event hosted by RTS London, Chaired by our Head of Mental Health and Wellbeing Lucy Tallon, in discussion with MD of Create Anything Stewart KyasimireWellbeing Facilitator Leo Anna ThomasFounder of The Finish Line Zeb Chadfield, and Lennie Varvarides, Founder of neurodivergent-led arts studio DYSPLA.   

Our industry is full of talented, skilled professionals working hard to provide brilliant content. But it can also be tough. In recent years we’ve become increasingly aware it can be an unhealthy working environment for many, especially if you struggle with your mental health or are neurodiverse. Typical working environments in the industry, which can mean long hours and intense, daily stress, can affect people who don’t feel experience difficulties managing their mental health.  

As we start to enter a world in which mental health and neurodiversity is more familiar and understood, this event was created to enable professionals to talk openly about their experiences and how we can make our industry more accessible for everyone. Watch the YouTube video below:



Listen to the podcast version 


Event produced by Amber Fisher and Aradhna Tayal.  

If the topics discussed during this event have affected you, and you feel like talking, call our 24-hour Support Line 0800 054 00 00.