PODCAST: Listen to find out how our bullying support services can help you!

Episode 1 sees Lucy Powell (Whole Picture Programme Community Lead) in conversation with TV producer Abby Kumar, who is a Member of our Whole Picture Programme Working Group on Bullying & Collective Accountability,  discussing Spot, our digital tool that helps you to create a private record of instances of bullying and harassment, and our Anti-Bullying Directory.  

During the episode, Lucy and Abby discuss how Spot works and the mental health benefits of keeping a personal record of bullying behaviour, and how to use the Anti-Bullying Directory to make navigating existing industry information as simple as possible 

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Episode 2 sees Justine Walton from our Bullying Pathway Service in conversation with Meriel Beale (TV Producer and BECTU Bullying & Harassment Officer) and James Taylor (freelance producer and founder of Viva La PD, which produced the State of Play survey and report earlier this year, and Chair of BECTU Unscripted).  

This episode focuses the Bullying Pathway Service, the first-of-its-kind support for everyone who works in our industry, providing specialist advice over the phone, bookable by appointment via our free and confidential Support Line. The podcast explores how it can help you decide what to do next, ranging from mental health support to, seeking legal advice, raising the issue at work or through your employer.   

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