Remembering Lori Houlihan

Lori Houlihan, Board of Trustees, Film and TV Charity

“It is with considerable sadness that today we mourn the passing of Dr Lori Houlihan, who has sat on the Board of Trustees at the Film and TV Charity since 2018.

As Vice-Provost at University College London, Lori was already well-established as a positive force when it came to instigating organisational change and so her appointment to the Board, where she brought a laser focus and an abundance of good humour, felt like a real coup at a time in the charity’s history where it had committed to a transformational process of modernisation.

The work Lori has done to support the charity as it focuses on a refreshed strategy to better represent today’s film, TV and cinema industry has been instrumental to the process we are still going through. It strikes a further note of personal sadness that she won’t witness the completion of that process, just as her work and dedication in the face of her own personal challenges only serves to bolster the charity’s intention to reach and support everyone in the industry who needs it.

With her diagnosis of glioblastoma, Lori was typically proactive and generous, creating the Dr Lori Houlihan Glioblastoma Fund to support research and treatments for this aggressive form of brain cancer. You can read more about the Fund and make a donation here:

Our thoughts are with Lori’s family and friends.”


John Pike, Chair of Trustees, The Film and TV Charity.