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Working in film and TV can involve highly charged, stressful environments, informal working relationships and a lack of access to HR. These factors can lead to workplace bullying and harassment that goes unchallenged.

Whether you’re being bullied or trying to prevent bullying behaviour at work, support is out there.

There’s a wealth of industry resources available and organisations that can help but knowing where to start can be difficult. That’s why we’ve tried to make navigating the existing information as simple as possible.

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It's important to try to make sense of how certain behaviours are making you feel so that you can seek the right support.

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Seeking support, or taking action can feel overwhelming but support is available and there are steps you can take if you have experienced or witnessed bullying.

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Bullying can have long lasting and damaging effects on your mental health. It's important that you seek support early to prevent these problems from escalating.

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Although you may not be experiencing bullying directly, you might have witnessed it at work or be concerned about a colleague.

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The BFI's Set of Principles and Guidance to prevent bullying in the screen industries states 'everyone is responsible for creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace that is positive and supportive'. Find out how you can play your part.

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We all have our part to play in changing the industry for the better. There are lots of people joining together to make a difference. Here are some of the movements for change in film, TV and cinema.

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