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What does change look like?

We’re rolling out services and resources to better our industry

The Whole Picture Toolkit is an online resource to help all productions be more mentally healthy places to work. It’s easy and straightforward to use, co-designed with TV and filmmakers, and developed with teams working on live productions in the UK. It contains real-life examples of best practices and brilliant ideas from across the industry with ready-to-use templates.

It is non-linear and deliberately designed so users can pick and choose the most relevant and helpful information and tools – whether that’s information on setting up wellbeing check-ins for team members, job shares, considering bullying and harassment, finding template policy documents, organising a production media blackout or sourcing the right resources to help staff protect their mental health and wellbeing on set, or in pre-or post-production. Because we believe that content should not be produced at the expense of those who make it.

The Whole Picture Toolkit will be launched in late February 2022. To register your interest in using it, please e-mail [email protected]


When it comes to your wellbeing at work, we want to help you put yourself first. And we know freelancers and others in film and TV want resources that are industry-specific and take into account the realities of working in our industry.

Through our Freelancer Wellbeing Hub, you now have access to practical tools and self-help resources developed by our in-house industry experts, including a check-in quiz to help gauge where you’re at right now. There are resources to help you stay healthy at work, and others for those times when you’re not working too, because that’s just part of life as a freelancer.

We’ve boosted our 24-hour Support Line, adding BSL interpreters to our friendly team, the option to have free, private therapy over videocall (as well as on the phone or in-person) and specialist advice on bullying and harassment. We also offer bereavement counselling – and if you need another type of therapy but can’t afford it, we might be able to help with the cost.

We can also give you access to one of the UK’s largest anonymous online communities for mental health support, which has a wealth of self-assessment tools and online courses. Or for a more personal approach, you could get support from one of our work and wellbeing advisors for a 3-6 month period. They can help with whatever life throws at you, including debt, housing problems, mental health issues and career guidance.

Go to the Freelancer Wellbeing Hub


We’ve partnered with ScreenSkills to bring you ‘Mental Health Training: Guidance for Employers’, which is a new framework to support people in the film and TV sectors responsible for mental health training.

Accessible via the ScreenSkills website, this guidance offers employers (and freelancers with line management responsibilities) detailed advice, a suite of resources and a fully-rounded approach to help them create and implement training on mental health and crucially related issues. It was developed by a group of industry experts in response to our research on mental health and the gaps in relevant training.

This ground-breaking guidance also explores other types of training linked to the underlying causes of mental health problems that are not always considered. It offers a holistic, industry-specific, and wholly integrated approach to mental health that goes beyond ‘one-off’ training, and which encourages employers to take a broader look by considering sustained and ongoing development opportunities for them and their staff.

Go to the Mental Health Training: Guidance for Employers


In October 2021 we launched ‘Let’s Reset’, a 12-month campaign developed and co-produced with people from all areas of the industry, designed to tackle the stigma still associated with mental health, challenge preconceptions and improve toxic behaviours. These messages started appearing all over the industry – where you work, on social media, in the trade press, and within organisations – and the movement continues.

To create long-term change we all need to stand up and speak to our audiences. It’s time to show our colleagues what we believe in. It’s crucial that we demonstrate the benefits of healthier, more supported and inclusive working environments, to individuals, organisations and businesses. This campaign gives anyone the umbrella and creative assets to do that, and stand together.

Over the rest of 2022, Let’s Reset will continue to enable this industry-wide conversation, showcase the Whole Picture Toolkit and bring an alternative approach to tackling bullying and harassment.

Get inspired by Lets Reset 

In 2021 we launched the only service to bring together emotional support, industry expertise and HR and legal knowledge to support those who experience or witness bullying and harassment. If that’s happened to you, please call and let us help you navigate your options. Because that period when you’re worried or confused about what’s happening can be damaging to your mental health – and can sometimes have a long-lasting impact on you.

Since its launch in 2021, our Bullying Advice Service has had an incredible impact on callers in TV and film. People from all genres, professions and levels of seniority have called to reflect on their experiences, get helpful information and plan what next – and they’ve been so positive in their feedback, it’s helping us understand the extent of the unmet need.

Our industry-bespoke digital tool Spot can help you create a safe, private record of any instances of bullying or harassment you’ve experienced or witnessed. The tool will help you capture key details, organise your thoughts and keep all of the details in one place.

It could help you to identify a pattern of behaviour, handle a sensitive conversation or even constitute evidence that you may wish to refer to later. But only if and when you want to share what happened. Our Anti-Bullying Directory is also there to provide a carefully curated selection of industry resources to help you navigate existing information or simply know where to start.

Stand up to bullying

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