Invitation to Tender

Evaluation of Whole Picture Toolkit for Mentally Healthy Productions

Invitation to tender Evaluation of Whole Picture Toolkit for Mentally Healthy Productions

The tender is to evaluate the impact on mental health of implementing the Film and TV Charity’s Whole Picture Toolkit and to estimate the costs and/or savings arising from implementing the toolkit.


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Deadline for submissions: 17:00, Monday 22 August 2022

Contract value: £20,000 to £25,000 (excl VAT)

The Charity is looking for a skilled evaluator to evaluate the implementation of its Whole Picture Toolkit for Mentally Healthy Productions, which is a key intervention designed to improve mental health outcomes for film and TV workers.

The evaluation will run from September 2022 to July 2023 and will involve a representative selection of productions implementing the toolkit.
Bidders should refer to the following documents:


Documents to download for tender process

Included in the Invitation to tender, in Paragraph 12, is a request to complete the Charity’s Suppliers Diversity Monitoring Survey.

We would be grateful if you could complete this survey, as the Charity would like to work with a service provider who also actively promotes equality, diversity and inclusion.

Bids should address the points indicated in the ITT and be emailed to [email protected] by 17:00, Monday 22 August 2022.


Invitation to Tender

This Word document describes the project, links to key resources and the bidding and bid assessment process.

Suppliers Diversity Monitoring Survey

Under the terms of our procurement policy, we inform all prospective tenderers of any information about the project given in answer to questions by any prospective tenderer. See this document for the record of any such answers.

About the charity

We help with life behind the scenes.

We’re the charity working behind the scenes of the film and television industry in the UK. From research to writing, through casting and production, to editing, sales, distribution and exhibition, we support the lives of everyone involved.

The film, TV and cinema sectors are widely admired and crucial to the UK economy, but a culture of long hours, challenging conditions, and an acceptance of a long-held status quo also mean it can be an incredibly tough sector to work in, with the retention of talent an ongoing problem as a result.

To respond to this, the mission of the Film and Television Charity is to jointly develop and provide everyone working in TV and film a community to belong to – making work better.

We will achieve this by improving worker wellbeing across all key groups, ensuring diverse talent is able to remain and progress within the industry and that there is a decrease in people leaving the industry due to wellbeing pressures.

Our delivery objectives are:

  • Mental Wellbeing – To engender a positive sense of wellbeing and the ability to function in life and meet the demands of everyday life
  • Financial Wellbeing – The ability to meet all financial obligations and have secure and stable financial circumstances
  • Social Wellbeing – An equitable and healthy industry where workers and organisations positively connect with each other and provide and access relevant services and resources within a supportive network

In doing this our aim is to be recognised as the leading industry organisation promoting mental health and wellbeing, financial and professional wellbeing, and helping build a fairer and happier industry for all.

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