Invitation to Tender

Film and TV Support Line service provision

Invitation to tender for the provision of The Film and TV Charity’s 24/7 Film and TV Support Line service

The Film and TV Charity is seeking a vendor that shares our core values to deliver it’s 24/7 Film and TV Support Line services, with knowledgeable and experienced support staff, at a fair and competitive cost.

Current service provision:

The Support Line was launched in April 2018 to extend the Film and TV Charity’s reach and impact and to provide access to free at the point of use wellbeing support in response to concerns about the poor mental health of those who work behind the scenes in the film, TV, and cinema industry.

It is a 24/7 line, via phone, webchat and email and provides a listening ear, general and industry-specific information, and signposting. It acts as a gateway to the charity’s services, which include:

These services are provided through a range of delivery avenues including both internal and external operations.

The Support Line has taken over 15,000 contacts in its first five years. Over the last three months:

    • we have responded to an average of 360 inbound contacts from 220 individuals per month
    • delivered an average of 60 counselling sessions each month
    • referred an average of 20 people per month to regulated legal advice

The Support Line is part of the charity’s ambition to support 15,000 people a year by 2024. We expect at least 2,500 to contact the Support Line this year.


The Film and TV Charity invites qualified participants to submit proposals in accordance with the requirements outlined in the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) package which can be downloaded below.

Bidders are invited to submit their responses in MS Word or PowerPoint format. Each section of the PQQ must be addressed, highlighting where any of the conditions are not met by the solution.

Any pricing templates issued as part of the PQQ must be completed in full. Please provide estimated cost for the setup of the services and Year One running costs based on the assumptions outlined in the Activity table in the Appendix

The PQQ process is not a guarantee of business award and Charity will not be liable for any costs, expenditure, work, or effort incurred by you in carrying out enquiries in relation to, proceeding with, or participating in, this procurement, including if the procurement process is terminated or amended by The Film and TV Charity.


Contact for the tender process:

Manie Moolman

Service Delivery Manager

[email protected]



To participate in this process, interested parties (“Bidders“) should complete this form in full and attach their proposals to the brief. All Bidders who submit a compliant brief will be considered and scored by The Film and TV Charity.

The Charity will invite the top three compliant bidders to participate in the next stage (interviews) of the tender process.

The Film and TV Charity reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to invite fewer than three interviewees, or increase the number of bidders invited to participate incase of tied scores.

Bids may be submitted by single legal entities or consortium bidders. Single legal entities may include bidders who provide services via third parties. If the vendor uses third parties to deliver any of the services, please provide details of those companies, the services they provide and the mechanism of how those services are managed in relation to The Film and TV Charity.

The Film and TV Charity strives to be an anti-racist organisation and we are especially keen to hear from bidders that can demonstrate a commitment to anti-racism and have a diverse and inclusive workforce.

The Charity does not associate with companies that work with arms manufacturers, tobacco companies, alcoholic drinks manufacturers, and firms whose earnings are primarily derived from gambling and / or pornography.




Stage: Date:
Questions to be submitted by: 7 October
Answers will be provided by: 14 October
PPQ Submission Deadline 1 November
Shortlisting of invitations to present will be communicated by: 14 November
Shortlisted interviews will be: 1 December
The contract will be awarded by: 31 December
Systems migration and training: 9 January – 3 March 2023
Final testing to be completed by: 17 March 2023
Contract to commence: 1 April 2023


Invitation to Tender

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